The majority of IoT devices use the internet protocols (IP) to provide functional features and information, laying a solid foundation for integrating VoIP with the IoT technology. Therefore, the value of VoIP services will increase in proportion to the IoT development. For example, the synergy between IoT and VoIP applications will advance the innovation of smart homes, the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), smart hotels, and more.
To meet the needs of fishing boats, cargo ships, and oil tankers with respect to significantly reducing telephone charges, New 爱游戏app has planned and implemented IP audio network based on satellite broadband together with satellite network broadband service providers and telecommunications carriers.
Voice interaction is the basic element of an AI application. New 爱游戏app has been authorized by Iflytek Co., Ltd. to create an AI smart telephone interaction solution that is based on the traditional telephone and VoIP technology by using Iflytek’s AI telephone robot.