NRP2000/W (Wireless)
NRP2000/W IP 爱游戏app is a multi-access network, easy deployment, excellent sound quality IP 爱游戏app. It supports 1 SIP account, which features elegant appearance and easy to operate. It is an entry-level IP 爱游戏app specially designed for business office, suitable for enterprise unified communications.
- WiFi is convenient for user's deployment, seamlessly and easily be used to the wireless office network
- Dual-core CPU, processing of voice and application independently, improve voice quality and application processing speed
- Rich application, perfectly compatible with leading IP-PBX platform
- Communication security, signal encryption, media encryption, HTTPS for Web management and uploading & downloading configuration files

- Convenient deployment and maintenance, support remote deployment by Internet

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  • Huawei Airport Solution is mainly used to realize the internal user voice communication in the airport.The whole set of voice system involves multiple modules, each module interconnects through relay and interface to realize the big integration of the whole airport system, which includes office communication voice system, airport scheduling system, airport broadcasting system, eLTE wireless trunking system, recording system and billing system.
  • The survey shows that about 50% of business users do not want too many telephone lines on their office desktops.
  • New Rock NRP series IP 爱游戏apps are high-end enterprise desktop phones with multi-functions. They support IPv6 and IPv4, with full "user, network, deployment, security" features, can integrate with IP PBX well, which is suitable for hotel unified communications.
  • An independent middle sized hotel located in Italy, with about 100 rooms on multi-floors, the customers old PBX system is old and lack of efficiency.Old PBX system upgrade to IP PBX system, with WIFI IP phones deployment.
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