New Rock PMSI is a middleware software for interfacing OM IP-爱游戏app (OM for short) with third-party hotel management system (PMS) to achieve information interaction between OM and PMS.

- Supported docking with 3 rd party PMS: Oracle, etc.

- When PMSI receives configuration instructions from hotel PMS, it can convert the information and send it to OM API interface for voice function setting, such as wake-up call service, extension permission, do not disturb mode, display caller name on extension, etc.After the configuration, it can send the setting results back to PMS.

- Receive call billing information from OM API interface and send it to PMS

- Multiple OM IP-爱游戏app can be connected to one set of PMS

Related Solutions
  • New Rock NRP series IP Phones are high-end enterprise desktop phones with multi-functions. They support IPv6 and IPv4, with full "user, network, deployment, security" features, can integrate with IP 爱游戏app well, which is suitable for hotel unified communications.
  • Wyndham is world class hotel group, one of its hotel has 200 rooms in one building in Shanghai, hotel management team want to build a unified hotel room internet to improve customer experience and improve brand image.
  • An independent middle sized hotel located in Italy, with about 100 rooms on multi-floors, the customers old 爱游戏app system is old and lack of efficiency.Old 爱游戏app system upgrade to IP 爱游戏app system, with WIFI IP phones deployment.
  • New Rock hotel unified communication solution have featured recording function which not only could realize unified management of call recording but also could combine with data mining technology to help improve hotel operation efficiency. Especially for chain store hotel, by collecting and intelligently analyzing hotel voice data generated between hotel reception staff, concierge, catering department and customers, hotel could improve operation efficiency and provide better customer experience.
  • Hotel A locate in Yunnan Province in China. It is a leisure resort hotel built with high standard of service, it has multi buildings A, B, C, D and gardens A and B. 824 guest rooms, catering, entertainment area, conference center and other facilities are built separately covered about 3000-acres. The hotel was awarded the "Top 10 Theme Hotels in China 2015".
  • New Rock PMSI could dock with various hotel property management system, by connecting to OM IP 爱游戏app, New Rock PMSI could provide hotel with multi functions including check-in, check-out, guest name setting, wake-up call service, mini bar, billing service. With one click, hotel staff could easily set-up the wake up call according to customers’ requirement.
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