OM is an all-in-one converged communication system for small and mid-size offices. With built-in analog-phone interfaces, CO line interfaces, SIP-based trunks, and SIP-client-registration functionality, OM connects well to traditional and converged voice networks and terminals. With support for up to 1000 SIP user stations, OM supports remote extensions, allowing employees to communicate with customers and team members at anytime and anywhere.

VoIP Gateway

The MX series VoIP gateways support a wide range of access-gateway applications. Providing 2-to-96 FXS and/or FXO ports, MX gateways deliver carrier-hosted converged services as well as enterprise-based voice-fax applications. The gateways are typically used to connect analog telephone terminals, legacy fax terminals, PBXs, or key systems to IMS/SIP/MGCP-based IP networks. With flexible hardware configurations and rich features, MX gateways are ideal components in many VoIP-based solutions.

IP Phones
The NRP series desktop IP phones have a host of phone features with standard Plug-and-Play functionality.
Enterprise SBC
Located at the business premises, the SX3000 session border controllers, with capacities up to 500 concurrent calls, act as a point of demarcation between a business’s VoIP network and service providers’ SIP-based services.
The PT2400/PT4800 Patch Panel Surge Protector provides voltage protection of up to 6 kV, which ensures the normal operation of the MX analog media gateways under the most severe lightning environment.
App & Software
The application software products listed here are offered free of charge, but are supported as if they were inherent features of the OM IP-PBX product. This makes them, effectively no-charge feature extensions.
Local Survivability Branch Exchange
To prevent the interruption of calling and call-related services when headquarters server or cloud/hosted server disconnects, New 爱游戏app local survivability branch exchange (LSBX) is designed to be deployed at local offices or branches to handle the calls instead of the disconnected server. After connection recovers, the calling services will be switched to the headquarters server or cloud/hosted server again.
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