Seamless Migration to Cloud IP 爱游戏app
Update Time:2022-01-21

1. Modular design: MX120G can expand max up to 96 FXS ports by adding an interface card. Each card has 24 FXS ports. 1U support max 2 pcs interface card and 2U support max 4 pcs interface card. Customers can choose the qty of interface card as their project need.
2. RJ21 port design for seamless migration from the PABX to cloud 爱游戏app.
3.VoIP features: call recording, hot swapping,
4. Device Unified management: via Redstone unified management system, support batch configuration, fault alarm, etc.


  • RJ21 Port Special Design for Hospitality

  • Keep and utilize the analog phones
  • For Channel Partners:  simplify the stock plan and reduce stranded inventory
  • For IT engineers:  IT  can choose MX120G with different FXS ports based on the current number of extensions.
  • Unified Management

  • Remote batch configuration

  • Friendly user interface

  • Real-time monitoring & fault alarms

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