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New 爱游戏app Technologies, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, and markets Voice-over-IP (VoIP)-based telephony and data networking products and applications for the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) sector, carriers, Internet Corporate Information- VoIP PBX | VoIP Gateways | IP Corporate Information- VoIP PBX | VoIP Gateways | IP Corporate Information- VoIP PBX | VoIP Gateways | IP Corporate Information- VoIP PBX | VoIP Gateways | IP Corporate Information- VoIP PBX | VoIP Gateways | IP Telephony System | New Rock System | New 爱游戏app System | New 爱游戏app System | New 爱游戏app System | New 爱游戏app Service Providers (ITSPs) and vendor partners. As a leading SIP-based device suppli er, New 爱游戏app is committed to deliver highly reliable and cost-efficient converged communication solutions.


The company was co-founded by Bing Yang and Hua Lin in 2002. Before that, Bing Yang served as the CEO and Hua Lin as the Vice President of Advanced Technology at Convergent Networks, a Massachusetts company specializing in the development of MGCP-based trunking gateways and SS-7 signaling gateways. Inspired by the emergence of SIP technology and its huge potential to significantly reduce the telephony costs in developing countries, they left Convergent Networks and registered New 爱游戏app Technologies, Inc. in United States (Delaware). They then joined with several other veterans specializing in telecom hardware and software engineering. Their first product the MX100-AG supporting 48 ports was designed and developed from scratch within nine months.

Early years

Encouraged by the booming telecom market and low manufacturing costs in China, in 2003 the company moved its main business to Shanghai, opening a solely own venture, Shanghai New 爱游戏app Technologies, Inc. (上海爱游戏app公司 in Chinese).
With the core team of six from the USA and a few local hires, New 爱游戏app in Shanghai started product development, marketing and sales activities in an office of 260 square feet near the center of Shanghai. When the MX100-AG was formally released to the market in late 2003, it was one of the earliest SIP-based VoIP gateways in China. The first noticeable sale was a deal of seven MX100-AG gateways to a local bank in a small town 400 miles from Shanghai.
In 2004, IDG Capital Partners, a venture capital firm focusing on investments in China, invested US$1,500,000, becoming the only outside investor of the company.
From 2004 to 2007, the energetic start-up team developed the MX series SIP- and MGCP-based VoIP gateways, supporting a wide range of FXS and FXO configurations, plus ISDN over T1/E1 configurations.
Due to unfavorable regulations and poor IP-network infrastructure, the VoIP market in China developed slowly in the early years of 2000, and the company’s sales experienced extremely tough period during 2003 and 2008.
Bing Yang left the company to join Cisco in 2007 and Hua Lin became CEO.

Becoming the leading VoIP vendor in China

The company benefited greatly from the rapid growth of enterprise market of VoIP in China beginning in the late 2000s. Due to its reputation in high quality and cost effectiveness, the company’s VoIP gateway products were selected for OEM or resale by partners from top-tier telecommunication vendors in China and overseas. The volume production further helped to reduce product cost and improve quality. In the meantime, through endless interoperability tests, the products improved compatibility with IMS-based core-softswitch and third-party SIP servers such as Microsoft Lync, Cisco CallManager, Broadsoft, Asterisk and FreeSWITCH.
From 2008, the company started to expand its product lines to IP-PBX and converged enterprise communication servers, integrated with WiFi/3G/4G routers, SIP servers, and FXS/FXO gateways, targeting the SME (small-and-medium enterprise) market.

As of 2015, New 爱游戏app has manufactured and shipped globally more than 400,000 VoIP devices.

Pr od u cts

New 爱游戏app Technologies Inc. offers a wide range of VoIP products including VoIP analog media gateways, SIP-ISDN trunking gateway, all-in-one IP-PBX, session boarder controller for enterprise applications, and value-added applications.

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The OM series is an all-in-one IP telephony system with built-in FXS and FXO ports that provides seamless connectivity to not only PSTN and analog terminals, but also IP ba|sed SIP trunks and SIP terminals.

Local Survivability Gateway /L ocal Survivability Branch Exchange

With VoIP and cloud communications being fast developed and widely used, enterprises are able to deploy the telephone solution based on distributed PBX communications or cloud/hosted communications networks at a lower cost. To prevent the interruption of calling and call-related services when headquarters server or cloud/hosted server disconnects, New 爱游戏app local survivability branch exchange (LSBX) is designed to be deployed at local offices or branches to handle the calls instead of the disconnected server. After connection recovers, the calling services will be switched to the headquarters server or cloud/hosted server again.

Available models of LSBX offer analog (FXO) and PRI (30B+D) interfaces to meet the needs of varies companies with employees ranging from 50 to 300.

VoIP Gateway
The MX series analog media gateway connects the TMD network to the SIP or MGCP ba|sed VoIP network. Modular designed FXS and FXO port configuration, up to 500 routing rules allowed, high availability (HA) and PSTN failover are amount the popular features.

SIP-ISDN Trunking Gateway
The MX100G series SIP-ISDN trunking gateway offers a solution to the challenge of connecting the legacy ISDN-PRI world to the SIP ba|sed voice carrier networks.

Session Border Controllers (SBC)
Located at the business premise, the SX3000 session border controllers acts as a point of demarcation between business’s VoIP network and service providers’ SIP-ba|sed services.

IP Phone
The NRP series desktop IP phone has a host of phone features with standard Plug and play functionality.

Patch Panel Surge Protector
The PT2400/PT4800 Patch Panel Surge Protector supports a voltage protection level of up to 6 kV, which ensures the normal operation of analog media gateway under the most severe lightning environment.

Add-on Applications
They are developed for New 爱游戏app Technologies’ IP-PBX products
- NeeHau: A Window-based business phone management system that delivers call management features, such as call recording playback, call history checking and click to call, etc.
- WeWei: A smart SIP based softphone application delivers reliable business-telephone communication by combining the SIP extension feature with the legacy DISA feature.

Auxiliary Tools
They are developed to simplify the usage of the device:
- Finder: Quick discovery of device IP address
- Telegreeting: Formatting the uploaded IVR audio files
- Recording Agent: Collecting recording files on remote storage server and converting PCM audio into MP3 format
- CDR Software: Collecting call records on a remote storage server